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Business Development and Sales:

We help businesses to win and retain more customers, to become and remain more profitable, and to become and stay efficient in everything they do. We help Managing Directors and staff responsible for Business Development activities to create and execute effective strategies to make them successful. We have both operational and board level experience in Sales and Business Development that we would be happy to share with you.


Business Mentoring/Coaching:

Blue Box help to develop your Senior Management Team by providing individual coaching and mentoring to help them to achieve their personal and business goals.


Process Improvement:

We strongly believe in doing things right and doing the right things - this is the backbone of our business philosophy. In order to do things right, each business needs to have defined processes. At Blue Box we are experts in analysing processes in order that we can recommend improvements. We will help you to become more efficient and effective.


Virtual Boardroom:

Blue Box recognise that some small companies can lack the resources that their larger counterparts enjoy and take for granted, so therefore we provide those resources on a part time basis. This ensures that you get the best possible results without the overheads associated with having a large board.


Recruitment and Retention of staff:

Good staff are key to the success of any business, but finding them can sometimes be very challenging and time consuming. Blue Box provide support throughout the complete recruitment process, from creating the job description to attract a high calibre of candidate, to advertising the vacancy in the most appropriate media, through to screening potential candidates and offering advice during the interview stages.

Once you have the right staff in place, Blue Box can help to ensure that you keep them. We work with clients to design reward and recognition schemes, identify potential hotspots, and pinpointing workplace stressors that are likely to affect your workforce.


Business Health Check:

Blue Box is completely independent of any other business or technology providers. This enables usem to provide a completely unbiased view. Measure the financial health of your business on-line now at


Management Accountancy:

Do you generate and analyse information every month regarding the following:-

Inventory Control - Ordering, usage, waste & scrap, potential obsolescence, full accountability of all stock movements.

Work in progress - Valuation by job/contract at all locations.

Labour Analysis - Labour rates, productivity, efficiency & non-productive hours.

Variance Analysis - eg price, usage, batch, volume, labour etc.

Margin Analysis - Achieving the planned margins for product/service delivered.

Overheads - Do your overhead rates reflect current levels of activity.

Machine Utilisation - Are you maximising the return on your investment in plant & machinery.

Sales Analysis - By product, customer, agent, area etc.

Do you have a system of planning/forecasting/costing/reporting/analysis which ensures you are kept up to date and in a position to manage your business efficiently and respond immediately to changes internally or externally.


Blue Box Management Consultants can work with you helping you to achieve the above and any other requirements relevant to your business.



Once a byword for form-filling and paperwork-generation, ISO9000 has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent times. With a streamlined certification process the new standard is applicable for any business that wants to improve and set itself apart from its competition. With wide and deep experience of implementing and auditing ISO9000 systems, Blue Box will be your partner to ensure effective certification and re-certification regardless of business size or type.


Customer Satisfaction:

Successful businesses are those that know who their customers are and how to keep them. Blue Box help to measure current satisfaction, benchmark you against your competition, and design ways in which to improve the service you give, ultimately improving customer satisfaction levels.


Customer Service and Contact Centre Operations:

First contact with your customers is important, you want to give the right impression. In most companies, the first point of contact is via a contact centre or through a switchboard. How do you know that your customers can get through? How do you know what kind of impression they get at that vital first point of contact? Blue Box can undertake a full review of the customer journey.


Marketing Consultancy & Outsourced Marketing Solutions:

Blue Box provide a full range of marketing services from brand development, website design and build, through to advertising and public relations support. The Blue Box approach also offers detailed marketing analysis, customer experience mapping and market research and analysis.


Manufacturing, Operations and Supply Chain Optimisation:

Is your business lean? Do you know where your bottlenecks are? Do you know how much raw material and finished product you have in stock? Blue Box can review your supply chain from start to finish to make it as efficient as possible. They also help to identify where your value-adding activities are.


Project Management:

Blue Box have PRINCE2 qualified project managers who can help you to run projects, delivering results on time and within budget.