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Blue Box are concerned for the environment so, where possible, they:

Will not print documents unnecessarily. Please ask if you would like anything provided in a printed format, otherwise documents and information will be sent in electronic format.

Print using recycled paper that has not been treated with chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Encourage suppliers not to send printed material.

Recycle paper wherever possible.

Work remotely and avoid the need for unnecessary journeys.

Are as efficient as possible and strive to become more so.


Blue Box is proud to be associated with organisations that operate in the not for profit sector.

One of their clients is Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary, who are a local animal rescue and re-homing organisation. Blue Box is proud to be working with the Sanctuary during a period of rapid expansion. You can learn more about Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary at

Blue Box are also pleased to be involved with the Tees Valley Professional Services Group. The PSG is a managed corporate social responsibility model that matches professional services with the needs of local charities and voluntary organisations in order that those organisations can grow in their local communities. You can learn more about the PSG and the work it does(and apply for support) by visiting