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On this page you can find useful information and articles relating to the work of Blue Box.

Ever wondered why sometimes you just 'click' with someone at a sales meeting? Click here to read this short article on temperament styles and understand why.

How successful is your business? Click here to read this short article about the 7 keys to running a successful business.

Blue Box are leading a feasibility study with a view to establishing a lobbying group to represent the views of senior business people in the North to the Coalition Government. Click here to read more.

Business alert is a quarterly magazine published by Blue Box in association with the Institute for Independent Business, containing useful articles and tips to improve your business.

Click to read:

Business Alert Issue 1
Business Alert Issue 2
Business Alert Issue 3
Business Alert Issue 4

Graham Walton, Blue Box Managing Director is an accredited associate of the Institute for Independent Business. You can find out more about the Institute at:

Graham is also an associate of Northern Business Advisers, a network of hands on consultants and advisers in the North East region who provide functional expertise across every area of business. You can find out more about Northern Business Advisers at: